Conrad's Transportation and Historical Museum
402 S. Virginia
(one block west of the stop light)
Phone:  406-278-0178
Off Season Call 278-3700/278-5434/278-3792

2014 Museum Hours:

May 16-31: Monday - Saturday 1PM - 4PM

June 1 - Sept. 3: Monday - Friday 10AM - 4PM

                               Saturdays 1PM - 4PM

Sept. 6 - 30: Monday - Saturday 1PM - 4PM

Oct. 1-8 10AM - 4PM (Special Exhibit)

The Museum is CLOSED on Sundays and Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.  

Pondera History Association's Mission is to collect and preserve historical artifacts, vehicles, magazines, documents, records, newspapers, photos and materials in order to provide a learning and historical center for all to enjoy.

The PHA purchased this building in 2000 and opened the doors in 2006.

The building and site began as a brickyard in 1906.  It became an auto dealership in the 20's and remained such for 70 years.  The building has been resorted, and has many of its original attractive features. It is also ADA compliant.  The Museum has been a vision of the Pondera History Association members for over 40 years.  Thanks to hard work by our members and great public support, it is now a reality.  Our transportation display starts with a 1904 horseless carriage and evolves into a collection of up to ten cars of various makes and vintages.  This display changes from time to time so you might see different cars or means of transportation each time you visit.  This exhibit is only the beginning of a wonderful trip down memory lane we hope you will all enjoy.


Visit GASOLINE ALLEY and see wonderful collections of cars, license plates, steering wheels and lots of memorabilia relating to transportation.


This is the PIONEER HOMESTEAD belonging to the parents of Edna Hostetter, one of PHA's founders.  The homestead was disassembled, moved to the museum and reassembled.  Inside are many artifacts including a Majestic stove, Spinning Wheel, wrought iron bed complete with feather mattress and quilt and many more items of interest.


The general store, MUTUAL MERCANTILE CO. is filled with lots of interesting items, including an old cash register made for J.W. McKnight in 1896.  An unusual parquet floor, calculating store scale, parlor stove, grocery and hardware items, fabric, soft goods, cooking utensils are a few of the additional items you might see here.


Our DRUG STORE has probably one of the most complete collections of old drug bottles seen anywhere.  We have several hundred bottles of prescription drugs dating back to the early 1900's.  Prescriptions written for "spirits of fermenti" during prohibition are on display, as well as a small soda fountain.  You can spend hours looking at this display alone.


The BLACKSMITH SHOP provides a home for those favorite old tools everyone saved.  As well as the old tools, you will find a vintage vise, forge, grindstone, anvil, tack saddle, post drill and the usual horse collars, bits and bridles.


Toys Toys Toys and advertising treasures.  Is your business here?

A mechanics dream.  Tool Collection

The latest in automotive equipment

Steering Wheels?  We have all kinds